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Services for United Utilities

Pre-Works Survey

Smithers Purslow liaise with United Utilities to understand the potential impact of the works and advise the extent of the scope of surveys. If the works are adjacent to a property we will recommend a full internal and external survey. If the property is further away we will assess the construction methodology and construction traffic and effects of vibration and will either recommend internal and external or external only survey. Smithers Purslow will notify you of the type and make contact for an appointment to be carried out.

In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out live vibration monitoring and Smithers Purslow may also request that this is placed within the property boundary.

Post-Works Survey

Upon completion of the works, Smithers Purslow will contact you again to make a further appointment to carry out a post works survey.

Smithers Purslow will revisit the property and using the initial report as a template will take a further set of high resolution photographs in more or less the same position, in order that a comparison can be made with the pre-works report.

At any time during the works if you have any concerns in respect to the works or damage that may have occurred you can contact Smithers Purslow who will be happy to assist.


There will be times during construction when vibration is inevitable in particular when piling or breaking through concrete surfaces. United Utilities do employ silent or low vibration methods if possible.

Where required vibration monitors are used to record live source vibrations 24/7. The remote electronic monitor will send an immediate notification to Smithers Purslow if the vibration go over a threshold of 5mm/s which is significantly lower than a vibration that can cause structural damage. This will enable us to review the site activity at the time and potentially cease works if required. For more sensitive buildings already suffering from damage or poor condition we may recommend tilt or crack monitors to record any degradation.

Monitors can either be fixed to buildings/walls and are as small as a lunchbox. Vibration monitors can also be ground mounted with a probe. We prefer to locate these in a reasonably secure location out of the public highway.

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