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Still going strong

Smithers Purslow is still going strong despite continued Covid-19 Lockdown

Smithers Purslow is pleased to report that the teams are coping admirably with Lockdown, new projects continue to come in and we are helping our clients where safe to do so.

The Architecture team have been busy producing drawings of St. Chad’s Cathedral and associated offices and dwellings.  Laser scanning technology was used to capture 3D data of this detailed set of buildings quickly, precisely and in a non-contact way to produce a point cloud from which AutoCAD drawings have been drafted. 

The point cloud provides an ongoing valuable resource that can be viewed, and the accurate data extracted, at any time to assist with future projects. https://www.linkedin.com/company/smithers-purslow

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Technical Directors in Exeter and Reading Smithers Purslow is delighted to announce that Matt Woolnough and Ben Anderson, who manage our teams in Exeter and Reading respectively, have been promoted to Technical Directors.  Over the last few years, Matt and Ben have established strong teams in these regional areas for Smithers Purslow.  Their promotion reflects…