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Gateley Smithers Purslow details Gotham Memorial Hall rebuild project on BBC East Midlands Today

On Thursday 28 September 2023, Mike Boast, Midlands director, featured on BBC East Midlands Today to detail Gateley Smithers Purslow’s role in managing the rebuild of Gotham Memorial Hall, a community centre which also housed a GP surgery, in Nottinghamshire. The centre was established in memorial for the men of Gotham who died in the First World War, first opening in 1922, and last year marked its 100-year anniversary.

An electrical fault caused a blaze to break out at Gotham Memorial Hall, off Nottingham Road in February, causing devastating damage and the site is now being rebuilt.

Mike Boast said it is “really exciting” to reinstate the building for the local community where he grew up. He added: “We want to work with the doctors’ surgery to implement some new things for them and also make sure we bring the community on board to bring some new and exciting features into the building as well.”

It’s hoped that the important community hub will be ready to reopen by the Spring of 2024, thanks to the efforts from Gateley Smithers Purslow.

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